We give supply chain startups the training necessary to become enterprise ready.


Fuel is a 16-week, collaborative program that matches growth-stage, supply chain-focused startups with key enterprise partners in order to accelerate the development of tangible solutions to some of the industry’s biggest supply chain & logistics challenges.




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Why participate?

Grow your company to become enterprise ready.

Gain nurtured relationships with key Fortune 500 companies through feedback sessions, training, pilots and demos

No equity taken to participate, just your commitment

Regular hands-on education and workshops, with plenty of time to run your business

Gain access to other startup founders, venture capital firms, higher ed institutions, and public policy officials


What does enterprise-ready mean?

You'll be ready to talk to a buyer, run a successful beta test, and navigate the bureaucracy of your target clients in order to make a sale.


Who can participate?

Fuel is designed for growth stage startups. These are companies who have an established product and are ready to pursue their first enterprise customer.

Participant companies must have some initial funding or revenue to be eligible, and must have a team member present in Northwest Arkansas during the 16-week program. Office space will be provided at Exchange in Bentonville.

Participants must be working to innovate and shape the future of Supply Chain with new ideas and technologies.


What is supply chain?

We view supply chain as everything from product creation to customer ownership.

This encompasses the journey from manufacturing, outbound logistics and transportation, 3PL and consolidation, DC and warehouse management, inbound logistics and transportation, store back room, in-stock and on-shelf, last mile delivery, and return management.

We’re looking for startups working within and around last mile delivery, driver shortage, improved user experience, next generation transportation systems, robotics and automation, wearable technologies, augmented workforce, matching supply and demand, or other innovations that will transform the supply chain industry.


Who’s in charge?

RevUnit was formed in 2012 by two founders at a desk in the Bentonville Library. It has grown to nearly 100 employees across four states and has been highlighted on the Inc. 5000 list, and is consistently recognized on the Arkansas' Best Places to Work list for their values, culture, team. RevUnit is an active participant and success story in the growing entrepreneurial landscape of Northwest Arkansas, and they continue to build tools and software to help companies #WorkBetter.

Fun Fact: RevUnit holds the title for the smallest technology vendor to the largest company in the country.

Startup Junkie is an entrepreneurial support organization, and is the drumbeat for activity in the startup ecosystem. Specifically, the team helps entrepreneurs start and grow ventures through 1:1 consultation, events, workshops, and programs like this accelerator. Startup Junkie has facilitated multiple iterations of the ARK Challenge Accelerator, and ScaleUp Ozarks (an affiliate program of the Small Business Administration).


What is the cost?

This program is sponsored by the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, RevUnit, and Startup Junkie in order to foster more activity and innovation around the future of Supply Chain in Northwest Arkansas. What does that mean for you? This program is a zero-cost and zero-equity accelerator! It's not too good to be true - really. You'll just have to report back on your growth metrics over three years so that we can measure the success of this program.


What are the perks?

  • Access to Exchange Co-working Facility in the heart of Bentonville, AR

  • Access to CenterSpace Co-working Facility in Downtown Fayetteville, AR

  • 1 free interactive badge and transportation to SXSW in Austin, TX

  • Showcasing at Demo Day to a VIP guest list of technology leaders and venture capitalists

  • Access to our Perks Package with discounts to HubSpot, Pipedrive, etc.


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