Program Overview

Fuel is specifically designed for growth-stage technology companies ready to scale and become enterprise ready. Building a great product, solution, or technology is just one part of the equation for a successful company creation. Through this program, you'll receive mentorship and education within your specific industry vertical, as well as coaching and connections from Fuel’s enterprise partners to make the most of your interactions with new partners and potential customers.


Become Enterprise Ready

Gain nurtured relationships with key Fortune 500 companies through feedback sessions, training, pilots and demos

No equity taken to participate, just your commitment

Regular hands-on education and workshops, with plenty of time to run your business

Gain access to other startup founders, venture capital firms, higher ed institutions, and public policy officials


2019 Enterprise Partners


Fuel is Built for a Specific Type of Startup

We’re looking for innovators ready to work with an enterprise customer.

For 2019, Fuel was focused on supply chain technology companies, or everything from product creation to customer ownership.

This encompasses the journey from manufacturing, outbound logistics and transportation, 3PL and consolidation, DC and warehouse management, inbound logistics and transportation, store back room, in-stock and on-shelf, last mile delivery, and return management.

We’re looking for startups working within and around last mile delivery, driver shortage, improved user experience, next generation transportation systems, robotics and automation, wearable technologies, augmented workforce, matching supply and demand, or other innovations that will transform the supply chain industry.


What makes Fuel different?



Collaboration Not Competition

We are building out this program to be one that focuses on collaboration: between both startup entrepreneurs and enterprise partners. We want to build a community, so we will not take on startups that are in direct competition and we are not running the program as a competition.


Tangible Business Growth

We expect you to come out of this program having made clear, tangible strides. Some smaller outcomes include feedback sessions, training, pilots and demos with enterprise mentors. But, our bigger goal is for you to leave with access to sales opportunities and commercial agreements that translate to revenue growth.


No Equity Exchange

We do not take any equity for this program because the expectation is that this will be a mutually valuable exchange between startups and their enterprise mentors through deep learning and connections. We simply ask for your time and commitment to make this program worthwhile for all involved.


Program Outline


10 startups accepted

3:1 mentor program

Tuesday Morning: "Enterprise-Ready" Sessions
Tuesday Afternoon: Mentor Office Hours

Wednesday: 1 Million Cups + AI/ML Lunch and Learns
Thursday: CEO Roundtables



Accelerator Timelinee.png

Program Components


Weekly Enterprise-Ready Sessions


Weekly CEO Roundtable


Field Trips to Large Enterprises


Blockchain Conference at the University of Arkansas


Weekly Leading Supply Chain Industry Lunch and Learns


Attend Interactive Portion of SXSW in Austin, TX