Schedule 1:1 Meeting

Fuel Participants will be showcasing on Thursday, May 16th at Meteor Guitar Gallery, and you can request an invitation here. On Friday, May 17th at Exchange Bentonville each company will be taking 30 minute meetings with individuals interested in working with or investing in the companies. You can learn more about the companies and book a meeting with them through the links below.

A new delivery experience has arrived. Track it. Share it. helps you know exactly when you’ll get it. And so much more.


Delivering amazing food from your favorite restaurants to your workplace. Luncher is getting you out of the big lines when all you need is good food.


An Augmented Reality application that makes order picking in warehouses faster and more accurate.


A safety software allowing for optimal shift scheduling, increased safety, boosted work efficiency, and realized cost savings.

Drive My Way

Disrupting truck driver recruiting by focusing on quality and fit and by treating the driver as a consumer in the employment relationship. 


Advanced manufacturing with a focus on swarm 3D printing and assembly. AMBOTS is bringing you to the next manufacturing revolution.


No box, no tape, no time? No problem! Simply post your package and one of our drivers will arrive to whisk your item off to its destination. It’s hitchhiking for packages.


Cold-chain transportation company protecting and transporting temperature-sensitive products via their IoT-enabled, reusable, active temperature-regulated packaging and software.